Highly Prepared

We believe that a parent with the right information, a game plan, and great resources can give their child the best chance for admission and scholarships at top 100 colleges and universities. We call these parents “Highly Prepared” and our job is to help you become highly prepared. Our approach to helping parent become Highly Prepared is guided be three core beliefs:

1.  Know Better. Do Better.

The essential part of preparing for admission to a top 100 college is knowing what matters most in the decision process. That’s why teaching is so important to everything we do. The +9 Academy provides original eBooks, videos, games, case studies, student profiles, and interviews with college admission directors so that every parent can learn what’s important in the college prep process..


2.  Parents Know Their Teenager Best

Parents have the most important role to play in helping their teen Stand Out in the admission process. Knowing what’s unique and amazing about your teen, along with the areas they can and need to grow, positions parents to have the best chance for moving their teenager forward. The +9 Academy gives parents a new set of tools and activities to build their competitiveness.


3.  One Step Ahead

Getting ahead and staying ahead in the admission race at top 100 colleges doesn’t happen by doing what everyone else is doing. You must get ahead and stay ahead to win. And, getting ahead of thousands of high performing students is all about being strategic. Finding and choosing what’s going to distinguish your teenager is the name of the game. The +9 Academy gives parents access to exclusive opportunities on college campuses for growth and constant information and advice that makes decision making easier.

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