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At UF, our students utilize more than 200 research, service and education centers, bureaus and institutes. With some of the most future-focused facilities led by some of the best minds in their fields, it’s no wonder UF is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities. Rankings like second among Forbes “Best Value Public Colleges” (2016) and second in Kiplinger’s “Best Values in Public Colleges” (2015) are a result of UF’s commitment to provide the highest quality education at the best value.  http://www.ufl.edu/about/university-facts/

UF Facts*

  #35 Rank Among National Universities
Applications  (2017)
  87.1% 6 year Graduation Rate
  $21,210 Total Annual Cost  (see chart below)

*   http://www.ufl.edu/about/university-facts/  accessed 2018 October 10


Great Students With Greater Potential

Whatever you have your sights set on, that’s merely the beginning. At UF, we help great students achieve greater. With an average 4.35 G.P.A. and an average S.A.T. score of 1919, applicants for our fall 2016 freshman class are anything but average. And while those numbers are impressive, for us, they’re just the beginning. Here, it’s not about the accomplishments of an individual; it’s what we can accomplish together.

Great Research Opportunities

Gators see things differently. We conduct research as freshmen and sophomores because we believe tomorrow’s solutions should be found today. We measure success not in awards won, but in lives changed. And we see big breakthroughs as just tools to achieve even better ones. Every day, we’re striving for a better world through better research.


What Matters Most

Interview with ______________

Title  ___________________


In your opinion, what makes your university special?


What unique characteristic(s) or fact(s) do prospective students overlook about your university?


What does the admission office like to see in applicants above and beyond the numbers (i.e., GPA, test scores, AP/IB classes, extracurricular activities)?


Please share a few departmental websites that showcase the people and programs at your university?

What advice do you have for parents who are helping their teenager prepare to be a student at your university or another top 100 college or university?

Things To Consider

Elite Education & Incredible Value.  UF is one of the lowest total cost of attendance for a top #50 national university.  The University of Florida ranks fourth in Forbes “Best Value Colleges” (2017) and in the top ten of Kiplinger’s “Best Values in Public Colleges” (2017), which means that you can earn a greater degree, for less.  And if you’re seeking ways to make your education even more affordable, UF has a variety of financial aid options available.   https://ufonline.ufl.edu/tuition/

21st Century Learning.   The Innovation Academy is one of the nation’s most forward-looking undergraduate programs – at one of its most dynamic research universities. We give motivated students a small-college experience focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics and leadership on a unique spring-summer schedule.

Through a focus on developing knowledge to grow new business opportunities, services and products, you’ll learn how to be an innovator and what it means to be a leader. But you won’t just learn answers — you’ll learn how to ask the right questions, starting with this one: Do you have what it takes to be a Gator innovator?  https://innovationacademy.ufl.edu/

Click Here to watch video on the Innovation Academy


Net Price Calculator.   This College affordability is an important factor when choosing the university best for you. Determining college costs, however, can be an overwhelming task. To help you and your family with this process, we encourage you to use our Net Price Calculator. https://npc.collegeboard.org/student/app/ufl

Academic Programs.   Answer your calling. Maybe your dream is to be elected to the student government at a school that’s a direct pipeline to the state legislature. Perhaps your ambition is to feed the world by researching and developing weather resistant crops. Or maybe you’re just determined to maintain a perfect G.P.A. at one of the most academically rigorous institutions in the country. Whatever you have your sights set on, that’s merely the beginning. http://www.ufl.edu/academics/programs/

Study Abroad.   The world is an open book! Through our partnerships with UF faculty who lead Study Abroad programs, and our outstanding partner institutions, we are proud to offer over 1,100 programs worldwide to study, research, intern, and participate in service learning abroad! Thousands of Gators study abroad each year and gain valuable experiences that impact their future academic and career pursuits. You can stay on track with your degree progress and use your scholarships and financial aid while taking courses in another country. We invite you to explore the many opportunities to enrich your educational career and personal growth while exploring new cultures. Begin your journey by clicking on the region below to find UF Exchange and UF Sponsored (Faculty-led) programs. https://internationalcenter.ufl.edu/study-abroad

Health & Safety.  Your safety is our priority. At UF, we have departments working together across campus to ensure your safety. So you can work hard and rest easy knowing you’re in great hands. We have one of the largest university police forces in the nation and a full-service student health care center. UF takes great pride in providing a caring campus culture – as part of our U Matter We Care commitment. Assistance for students in distress is available 7 days a week. On top of that, the UF Counseling and Wellness Center is available to listen and help 24/7. Below you’ll find some of the programs and services that comprise our commitment to you on campus and beyond. http://www.ufl.edu/student-life/health-safety/

Student Life.   At UF, we’re constantly finding ways to be active in the community. But even with a full plate, Gators are always hungry for more – for more chances to get involved and better ways to pursue better. http://www.ufl.edu/student-life/

Student Activities and Involvement.   Connect with Student Activities and Involvement to learn how you can find your place on campus. https://www.studentinvolvement.ufl.edu/

Campus Map


Cost of Attendance   http://www.sfa.ufl.edu/cost/

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