The +9 Academy teaches parents how to help their teenager Stand Out in the admission process at top 100 colleges.






The most important part of preparing for admission to a top 100 college is knowing what matters most in the decision process. The +9 Academy provides a new eBook entitled, “The New Path to Top 100 Colleges,” that details how parents must think and prepare differently for a new competition against thousands of applicants with the same or similar academic performance. This book also includes the nine most frequently identified student characteristics that top colleges want to see in applicants. Dr. Jackson calls these the +9 Characteristics and shows why they are critical to admission decisions.  After reading “The New Path to Top 100 Colleges,” parents will know exactly where to focus their time, attention, and resources to ensure that their teenagers does not miss the golden opportunity to stand out in the admission process.






Information alone does not guarantee success, but combining good information with a system that guides parent decisions and actions can accelerate your teenager’s growth.  The Competitive Student Profile (CSP) is a 4-step system that focuses exclusively of building student competitiveness for admission at top 100 colleges.  Parents use the CSP as a roadmap by completing these four steps annually:

  • Evaluate – Measure your teenager’s current competitiveness across +9 characteristics
  • Plan – Prioritize opportunities, make decisions, and identify timelines & deliverables
  • Monitor – Systematically check growth of +9 characteristics and provide feedback
  • Package – Capture and organize +9 characteristics for annual decision making and college applications

Members of the +9 Academy learn how to use the CSP system through a video that can be started, stopped, and reviewed at the parent’s convenience.  Our goal is to show parents how to use the right information to build their teenager’s competitiveness.






Consistency is the name of the game in the admission process. Having the opportunity to get good information, advice and guidance about what is important in the admission process helps parents stay focused and up to date on what’s happening and what needs to be done. The final component of the +9 Academy is the Clover Report: a monthly newsletter containing three articles:

  • College Showcase – Advice and insight from admission offices at top 100 colleges about their college and what they like to see in applicants.
  • Student Spotlight – Dr. Jackson profiles former and current clients and reveals how they have become more competitive for admission.
  • Monthly Message – Targeted advice throughout the year that reminds and focuses parent on what matters most right now. Specific guidance for completing our signature Action Plans and Annual Growth Summary. These signature college planning tools reduce the stress that many parents have because they are unsure that they are doing the right things to help their teenager.

Get the information and support you need to help your child.

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